How I Transformed My Bedroom In 5 Simple Steps

1455115962xu5dnI remember when we first decided to buy our home, I put in the most amount of time in designing my bedroom. According to me, a bedroom should be a place for you to relax and get a peaceful sleep. But with kids around and work piling up, it has now become a dumping yard for all things that need to be sorted out and organized.

I found that invariably every night, when all I wanted to do was plonk myself on the bed, I was hauling things out of the bed and sorting stuff. It was then I realized that I had do something about it. Here is how I transformed my bedroom from a dump yard to a serene place in the house.

  1. De-clutter

The first thing I had to do was remove all the stuff that was lying around. I realized that they were lying around because, they did not have a proper place to go into. So I put a basket in the corner for the dirty laundry. I also put an under-bed drawer for the fresh laundry so that I can fold up the clothes when I have the time for it during the day. I put the stationery into the bed side table drawer. The cosmetics went back to the dresser drawer.

  1. Bed linen

The bed linen I already had was great, but it was neither cozy enough or match the room’s décor. I found a soft duvet that had been lying in the closet and put in on the bed. This instantly made the bed look more comfortable and cozy. I bought some new fluffy pillows to match it. I was quite impressed with the overall look that I wanted to jump in right then and there.

  1. Light

My drapes on the windows were great during the day allowing just the right amount of light, but in the night all I had was the harsh overhead lights. So I bought a good bed side lamp which was soft on the eyes. So now I could read a page or two of my favourite book or talk to my husband about the day before I go to sleep.

  1. Clean up

Another reason why my bedroom was not as inviting was because, I had overlooked the amount of dust with all the clutter that was lying around. Once I had de-cluttered, the dust made itself visible and I cleaned all surfaces including mirrors, blinds and window sills and boy what a difference it made.

  1. Aroma

Once everything was done, I could smell the clean air (or aroma). But a refreshing or a soothing scent felt like the only thing missing. I did not want to risk scented candles or a reed diffuser with kids around. So I bought a hang it scented cardboard for the room and it smelled heavenly.

The overall effect was so astounding and it was easy to keep the bedroom looking that way too by just spending a few minutes every day. Do I have to even say that I look forward to my night’s more than anything now?