How Home Improvement Improves Your Mood

female-1280963_960_720Do you feel like getting yourself a double shot espresso? Now you can instantly lift your mood without even stepping out. Just by making a few changes in your home, you can positively influence the way you feel.
Your home should not just be a place you come back to everyday, but be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. This does not mean you fill up your house with expensive things. Home improvement can be done in more ways than just that.



  1. Re-arrange the furniture

Even if you have really expensive or plush furniture, they can quickly become boring with their usual placement. A simple thing as rearranging your furniture can create the great feeling that you get when you buy new furniture, without even spending a penny. In fact, just by placing the furniture differently you can even free up some space which can do wonders to lift your mood. Always leave enough room for walking around and enough leg room between the pieces.

  1. Lights

Another easy and cost-effective way to liven up things is to lighten things up. A dark room can make you feel under the weather for no reason. You don’t need expensive wooden blinds for your windows; you can buy simple roll-up blinds to allow natural day light into your house, like ones found at Home Depot. For the nights, spot lights and even some extra over head lights can make a huge difference.

  1. Colour

Bright colours like yellow and orange can elevate your mood. Instead of painting an entire room, you can simply paint an accent wall to create the same effect.


  1. Purge and de-clutter

A cluttered house can drain your mental energy and make you feel chaotic. De-clutter the things in your house with proper storage in place. Also purge all things that you don’t need or use anymore. This includes things that you think might come in handy later. A good rule of thumb is to throw away things that you haven’t used in the last six months. Of course, this does not apply to your winter jacket.

  1. Green spot

Everyone knows how calming it is to just sit in front of some greenery. There are many indoor plants that are pretty low on maintenance too. They can add a touch of natural colour to your room and even reduce your stress levels. Some indoor plants also remove impurities in the air, in addition to the oxygen that they give out.

  1. Upgrade or fix

It is quite obvious that anything new brings about a positive impact on your mind. Though it may not be always possible to buy new things, you can always make an existing item in the house look new by re-furbishing it, either by painting it or putting a new fabric over it. Living room couches and cupboards can be done up this way and will also be easy on your pocket.

  1. Fragrance

The way your house smells can affect the way you feel just like how a particular fragrance can even take you down your memory lane. It is also why aromatherapy is used as an alternative way to treat certain conditions of the body and mind. A good fragrance can always make your home smell clean and fresh. You can either use natural fragrances like flowers or aroma oils or even go for artificial ones like room fresheners.