5 Reasons Your House Is In A Chaos

A house that has people living in it round the clock is bound to get messy. It only gets worse if little children are in the house. So does your house eternally look like it has been hit by a storm? Does just the idea of cleaning up make you go weak in your knees? So what are the top reasons why some homes get really messy while others look like a page from a home magazine?

#1: Lack of storage

The first and the foremost reason for chaos is a lack of enough storage space for the things in your house. The living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the bathrooms need to have enough cabinets, cupboards and draws in place for their respective items. You can make more space for storage by utilizing the space under your bed with drawers. Another great way to maximize cupboard space is to use door hanging organizers.


#2: Placing of furniture

While some houses may really have a lack of space, most others feel that way due to incorrect placement of furniture. This can give a chaotic look to an otherwise nice room. Arrange your furniture to allow enough walking space and leg room. Having decorative corner pieces can also create a sense of space and give a rather organized look.

#3: De-clutter and purge

Another important reason why homes get chaotic is because we tend to keep things tha we no longer need. This could range from too many clothes to outdated electronics or kids stuff that can be given away. The best way to get started is to purge all things that you haven’t used in the last six months. You can exclude seasonal items that will be used only during a specific time of the year but put them away in storage boxes in over head cabinets.

#4: Landing strip

A very important but an overlooked spot in the house is the landing strip. The space immediately next to the door is where the mess actually begins to happen as you walk into your house. Keep a small area for your keys, a bowl for coins and a holder for mails and magazines. This acts like a temporary space to keep your stuff before they can be sorted and put away and you won’t keep looking for your car keys or your office ID when stepping out. In addition to the landing strip, keep a small bin for wastes. A mirror would also be a useful addition, to avoid running to your dresser for last minute checkups.

#5: Piling up

file5761247085684Most houses end up looking messy all the time not because the members don’t have the habit of putting things away but because, they set things down and let them pile up. Getting up to just put one small item away might seem like a second’s work and not that big of a deal. But these seconds can add up to mighty minutes and before you know you have a small pile that is worth a good ten minutes of work. Multiply that into the number of rooms and you will already be finding an excuse to order takeout food.

So instead of waiting for a few items to pile up before putting things way, a good practice would be to put things back in their proper places then and there.