5 Cheap Garage Storage Makeovers

5 Cheap Garage Storage Makeovers

The garage is one place in your house where everything dirty, greasy or outdoorsy goes into. It is also a place for all those things that you don’t use at the moment and but want to keep them for later. Though you clean and organize this space from time to time, it seems to become messy. So how can you organize your garage without spending too much?

  1. Peg rails

The easiest and the cheapest way to organize your garage would be to fix peg rails on the walls. All you will really need are long pieces of wood, some screws and a lot of pegs. Put two pegs closer together for longer items like a rake. You can even hang baskets and bins for things that are too small to be hung on pegs. The thing with wall hanging storage is that, unlike shelves there is no head space that gets wasted and everything is visible. So you can find what you want without too much of a struggle. Putting things back couldn’t get easier too. So your garage will not just get a total storage makeover, but will also keep staying that way.

  1. French cleats all the way

French cleats are beveled strips of wood which can be screwed in to your wall. A matching interlocking piece of wood is used to create a cleat hanger. To this cleat hanger you can attach endless varieties of hooks and hang virtually any object in your garage. For things that cannot be directly hung, you can hang large recycle bins and store those items inside. You can even create small hanging shelves; the choices are almost endless, and all you will need is just a few pieces of wood and a drill. Your garage makeover doesn’t get cheaper than this.

  1. Peg boards

When it comes to using your walls to maximize storage space, nothing comes more handy than the versatile peg board. You will need a large peg board and lots of hooks. Just grab and hang anything you want, quite literally. Hang baskets or bins to the hooks and store smaller items. You can even fix a magnetic board for tiny items that you use often. The possibilities are not just endless but are customizable so that not even an inch of space goes to waste. And you won’t ever feel guilty for spending a fortune on just your garage storage.

  1. Reclaimed wood shelves

Giving your garage a makeover does not mean you make a trip to the lumber store and buy new wood. When you are working on a budget, reclaimed wood can become your best friend. Find pieces of wood for the shelves and smaller ones for the beams that will support them. Find even smaller pieces that will serve as the angles and you are good to go. If you just make one large top shelf, you can use the beams to add pegs and screws to hang tools under the shelves. You can add smaller shelves for storing small cans of paint and bottles containing screws too. All in all, everything is on the wall and nothing needs to take up any floor space. Now that is going to be one neat garage for sure.

  1. Recycling bins

Another cheap and easy way to organize everything in your garage is to use recycling bins. These are easy to find and you probably already have a few of them lying in your house. These can take up precious floor space in your garage. Now you can use your wall to store these bins in a vertical manner and away from the floor. All you will need is some strips of wood, a saw and some screws. Really! it’s that simple. You will need the wooden strips to have beveled edges to be used as French cleats. The best part of this project is that you won’t need any separate cleat hangers as the lip of the recycling bin itself can directly sit on the cleat.

Create as many columns as you need depending on the number of bins and as many rows depending on the height of the wall. Use the bins as shelves to store and take stuff out when necessary or you can even remove the bin with the stuff you need and hang it back when done.